Our services for tenants: We realize your new office

Motivated, creative and satisfied employees are the basis of your company’s success. A contemporary and lively work environment plays an important part in that. Thus, Ready2Work is the Office Packet solution for businesses and tenants. The Office Group expert team consists of specialists for process and office planning, real estate professionals, and specialized interior architects. The team works with clients to develop need-based solutions for the implementation of new and existing office locations. The new office areas are implemented independently of the landlord, either from unfinished masonry or by constructing on already-built areas (remodeling).

Ready2Work arrange for results that are CI-congruent and cost-optimized from a single source.

Your benenfits:

  • Shorter location search times for optimal office space
  • Need-based, innovative office concepts
  • High-quality planning, style, and execution
  • Rapid construction and move-in wrapup by skilled, experienced, competent teams
  • Deadline and cost security achieved through diverse buildout variants at fixed prices
  • Nationwide network with transregional partners in project development
  • Only one contact person for all interfaces
  • Replicable concepts for other locations