Our services for landlords: We increase the value of your property

Owners, developers and asset managers want one thing above all: to rent property efficiently. This task has traditionally been taken care of by procuring a “lead broker.” The modern real estate concept “Ready2Rent” incorporates the realtor function but goes significantly further. Office Group designs and implements target-group-based marketing, sales, and office concepts while focusing on prescribed budgets. It delivers the entire process chain, from the first conversation with a tenant and utilization concepts to individually constructed and move-in-ready offices from one source. It is our goal to give every property a unique profile in order to differentiate it from the competition and adapt it to the CI of the respective tenant.

At the same time, Office Group contacts potential tenants directly, thereby reducing communication paths to a minimum.


Your benefits:

  • Reduction of overhead, costs and complexity in marketing your property
  • Only one contact person implements the office planning and interior construction for the tenant
  • he well-practiced cooperation of competent teams ensures cost and deadline certainty
  • Efficient structures with specialized partners for developing the interior construction even during the project development phase
  • Speedy wrapping up of all construction work
  • Short marketing times and higher rates of marketing success through exact knowledge of client requirements
  • Satisfied tenants through high-quality planning, style and execution